Everyday Mythology

by Loomings

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Keywords 06:25
Keywords No matter what, no matter what you think (Listen!) No matter if you're smart or a good liar (Trust me!) We don't care about you, not at all (Look!) Wear the right suit, cut your hair like us Hey! Don't you know my friend, my friend you gotta know That the best way is always to lie (yes to lie) Truth's so boring, don't you remember What old mister Goebbels used to say? All right: just repeat your lie a thousand times, It will become half true. Be self confident That's it, even if you don't know what you're saying Anyway, you know, people never listen carefully We can teach you, first rule first: Use good keywords Remember: just repeat your lie a thousand times. Use the right keywords Right dress Right hair Right shoes Right nails Right smile Right voice, show the Right manners Right bar Right drink Right drug Right words Right god Right side Right foes Right friends Right book Right work Right game Right fight Right freedom, choose the Right keywords Right sin Right symbol Right faith Right vice Right truth Right fun Right party Right pain Right crime Right moment Right law Right face Right keywords Repeat your lie, remember what Goebbels said: you just have to repeat your lie a thousand times Repeat your lie! Better a cheat, better a cheat, that's it Better a confident cheat than a honest shy man Be a smiley good mixer, be gregarious Most important: use the right keywords Don't want to know you Tell me what I already know Even better: tell me a lie So that we can identify with each other So that we can pat each other on the back So that we can be more than one We're invincible
Black (and Green and Red) Some old friends told me that women with big legs can make guys like me cry (Guys like you they make cry) Big leg Emma, she was my steady date, used to knock me out (Big leg Emma, she knocked out) No money, with my car she flew away (Dreams of you through your head She flew away with your car) Can you keep away from me? No I can't, can't stand still (No you can't) My green eyes are burning red, Dreams of youth through my head You don't need a car to love, my big legs are enough (Spent my money, took my car, started telling her friends she's gonna be a star) You don't need a car to love (Eyes that shine burning red, dreams of youth all through my head) My green eyes are burning red (Hey hey baby when you walk that way watch your honey drip can't keep away) Can you keep away from me? Hey hey mama, said the way you move gonna make you sweat gonna make you groove.
Awkward 04:10
Awkward No, -she said- don't waste what you have, Don't you see you're a lucky guy? It would be a great mistake. Yes, I think she was right, But then she disappeared, Never called me back. I guess Things like this Always happen To people like me, I'm so Awkward I'm a lucky guy, I'm a lucky guy, It would be a great mistake. But then she disappeared, She never called me back, I think the reason of all this is that I'm so Awkward
In a Black Key In a black In a black key I found a tune and then I thought the key could (why not?) Be blue Could the black key Become blue? Could it? Yeah, why not? Blue Could the key? Yeah, it could In fact it can It the key Be Blue Make a black key blue Unlock don't block the tune No don't block it When a different hue Hangs halfway between your heart and soul No don't block it Turn the key of the tune Blue black bold flat what you want No don't block it Black or blue, could you Unlock the black and blue? Go, unlock it Go, unlock, get the black tune blue Go, get the black key blue Unlock your tune, detune Black key blue (Make a black key blue) In a black key I found I could turn the tune to something blue School years Just a lot of things you didn't realize You'd miss 'em And think about 'em year after year It's yesterday but a lifetime ago Is it nostalgia or desire? That funny friend of yours You didn't realize how shiny Her curly black hair was You never expected She'd hunt your dreams for years Many years, she would Hunt your dreams with her kiss For many years
The Things That Change Sitting on a sofa A gloomy rain outside The smell of that book tells you That there's a story you didn't expect The story of a moment Returning as if it was the same But it's never the same As you change, things change And the universe is movement as you're Sitting on a sofa A gloomy rain outside A gloomy rain The things that change All the time changes all around us and within ourselves
Sweet Sixteen Sweet sixteen In some ten years you will worry about... (Guess what?) Sweet sixteen In some ten years (Or maybe sooner) you will worry about Your retirement plan Sweet sixteen Play the high school rebel while it's worth: Now your mum's a whore, now your dad's a fascist, But in ten years or maybe sooner You'll follow their good example (And it goes) Blacks are smelly Russians vicious And Chinese are all suspicious Where are we going this summer I wanna see my boss dead All those fucking politicians raised the price of my hair lotion How can I buy a sports car and still go to the Seychelles? Sweet sixteen in some years You will happily give in Sweet sixteen In some ten years (Or maybe sooner) Nothing will compare to a wedding in the church
...and... 03:31
...and... Blood and glass, Sugar cubes, Cold beans, Mmm... There's a Smile on Mars's surface Near the ruins of the giant clock And a blue man Watching Earth dying Smile is on my chest: Smile stained with blood, And I lie on the ground Cold and dead Also there's a masked man Searching for the truth, And ready to kill for it; And there are cold beans And blood, sugar cubes And glass, broken hearts Awkward people And A town And a time that no one understands And they watch over you, As if they knew And A sugar cube And cold beans And Broken glass
Lockjaw (a mutant DOG) Are you that dog? That dog which never barks? Traveling through space, Saving all its race? Are you that dog? That giant sad bulldog Looming in the mist?
Car, Suburbs, Downtown, Despair Under sedation (Drive downtown) We cannot perceive (Drive downtown) Our ugly despair Take a look there, the dirt, the rubbish and scattered garbage Along the road, watch posters worn and ugly mournful buildings But you can't watch you're driving to town, the beautiful town A beautiful town I must love my town I can't hate my town It's big and well known It's inside my soul We live in dirty frames we can't see (And let me tell you the rest) And the artwork isn't any better, no it's not at all so good Driving downtown I'm driving downtown watching the road You choke me to death and it's your fault I'm driving downtown You choke me to death: it's your fault Choke me downtown Choke Me Dead Drive Me Mad Downtown Drive me downtown dead Take a look: despair is everywhere (Suburbs became our soul) But we just keep on diving on our own way Garbage: it's part of the landscape As are the posters and the buildings Along the road Let me drive my car, Yes my car because I'm going downtown My car Let me drive my car I got to go to town Suburbs became our soul
A Waiting Game of Nonsense Patch pan pie tie cymbal Random Thoughts and Dare to try, cry baby White mysterious fog a Noise poise toys Joyce Melville Proust Prost cheers well Now talk fruits: pear cherry Complete nonsense Steak haché croque monsieur ça fait chier quoi! Don't speak French, hear the vibes! Ah ah What was that? A choir? S A T B Piano And then an ugly chord Singing songs my dear friends is a blessing, my life A refrain, an odd verse and some background vocals Now let the guy sing something new Until the next idea comes through (sure!) I try and try to say something that would sound sagacious But as I open my mouth it speaks nonsense Had no idea about the meaning of the lyrics And as you noticed I'm playing for time A waiting game, it's just a waiting game of nonsense Back with our nonsense Did you miss it? Well Here it comes (Choral parenthetic moment) Teapots fly bye Zero Big black cow and Dental floss Frank Alan Green mysterious swamp Pepper milk gin tonic Angostura See feel touch hear Tommy Complete nonsense Di a da in con su Per tra fra COSÌ! Polyglots shush, shut up! Ah ah Once again? The choir? Pa pa pa da da da Pa pa pa pa pa pa Da dadada Da dadada Well then Guess you had enough now, isn't it? Maybe we can just give up this nonsense Even think about a new theme, with words that could be understood as common sense Rather than a bunch of silly talks We could tell you stories, legends and romance We're not playing for time again but our Stories, legends and romances surely need their good foreword, but we finished our time


Altrock Productions (www.altrock.it)


released September 18, 2015

Recorded mostly at Downtown Studios (Strasbourg) by Eric Gauthier-Lafaye; electronic instruments recorded by Jacopo Costa at Purple House Studio (Strasbourg) and Cassinet Studio (Lainate); sax recorded by Jacopo Costa at Isabella's Phoneboot (Milan); glockenspiel and tubular bells recorded by Jacopo Costa at Conservatoire de Strasbourg.
Mixed by Paolo "Ske" Botta at Sound central capping Studio.
Mastered by Udi Koomran at Ginger Studio (Tel Aviv).
Artwork by Paolo "Ske" Botta.
Cover photo by Davide Lorenzo Previti.
Sleeve's photo by Guillaume Guégan


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Loomings Strasbourg, France

Loomings is a one of a kind musical universe of mingled voices and percussions, acoustic and electronic sounds. Our songs follow unpredictable paths: sometimes they emerge from complex compositional strategies, sometimes they’re just driven by the desire to walk through harmonies, vocal arabesques, instrumental unisons and phases. ... more

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